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Zoom Teeth Whitening Kit

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For a limited time, Sherman Oaks Dentistry is offering patients a Philips Zoom NiteWhite teeth whitening kit at 30% OFF the retail price ($175 value).

About Philips Zoom NiteWhite Teeth Whitening

Offering the most dramatic results for bright, beautiful smile. The Philips Zoom NiteWhite kit delivers powerful results for patients who want to comfortably whiten their teeth why they sleep.

Wear it overnight, or for just 2-4 hours a day. You’ll see results fast!

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Dr Harold Perlaza, DDS, has been educating his patients about good oral health and periodontal care for over 20 years. Dr Perlaza specializes in advanced cosmetic dentistry and customized treatment plans and options. He attended a special dental program at the University of California Los Angeles in 1989.

Dr Perlaza has completed numerous post graduate programs in cosmetic dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, dental implants and laser periodontal therapy. Dr Perlaza teaches at UCLA, school of dentistry, advanced education on general dentistry. Dr Perlaza is an avid scuba diver, underwater photographer and videographer. On his time off from Sherman Oaks Dentistry, he enjoys trekking and diving adventures all over the world.


Dr. Tabandeh received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (DDS) in 1996. She attended the three-year specialty program in Periodontics and Implant surgery at Loma Linda University.

Dr. Tabandeh is a board certified periodontist, practicing all aspects of periodontics, implant surgery and implant related surgeries such as extraction, bone grafting and sinus lift for over ten years.

Dr. Tabandeh is an enthusiastic, hardworking and honest person. She treats all our patients with exceptional care and strives to provide them with the highest quality of work.

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